lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

NOTW: glitter leopoard tips

Hello polish lovers,
This weeks mani is all about: Silver nail polish, glitter, leopard print and some Rhinestones!
really simple and easy ;)
here it is:

and thats all for today ;)
hope you like it!!!
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venerdì 7 dicembre 2012

NOTW: purple&triangles

Hello my dear Polish lovers <3
and excactly after one wþeek, I'm back again to show you another nail art: its a miracle, considering the last months =p

anyway for this weeks post I created a very simple nail art, at the beggining when I created the nail art I had something completly different in mind, I wanted to create a "fashion Inspired" manicure, but I failed =( and so I turned the manicure into something simple and easy!
Here it is:

I used a purple nail polish from h&m and a beige polish from Revlon, than I added some black details with a nail art pen and some rhinestones!

I finished the whole manicure with a generus coat of  "cuticle oil" from Sinful Colors!
I love this oil, it leaves my cuticle soft and with a nice almond scent ;)

and thats all for this week! hope you like it!

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3 

venerdì 30 novembre 2012

I'm Back: sugar "sponge" spun nail art!

Hello Polish Lovers,

hey girls! how are you doing? I'm really so sorry that I left the "blogging world" for such a long time, I think I hit my record by non posting for over two months!! to say the truth in the last months I didn't even take care of my  nails! I never had time to create a nice nail art, infact I mainly wore  simple nail polish without any trace of nail art, which is really wired for me ;)
But anyway I'll stop talking and I'll show you what I created this week: Sugar "Sponge" spun nail art!

Here it is:


I always wanted to try this technique, and so finally I gave it a try! On a white base I sponged my nails with different colors: pink, green, orange, blu and a purple and than by following this tutorial I tried to create black "sugar spun"! Unfortunatly it was not that easy as it looked, I had some problems with letting the polish dry to the right consistence to create the " sugar spun"! but anyway I'm happy with the result ;)
I also changed my phone, so the pictures are really bad, I still have to figure out how to take nice pictures!

This week I also created a simple black and beige nail art for my friend ;) It's still hard for me to create nail arts on others, but I wanna Improve! here it is:


sayed all this, I'm happy to be back! I already have a lot of ideas for some new nail arts, I just have to find  time to create them ;)

I hope you liked this post, let me know your opinions about this "sugar spun" technique! Have you ever tried it?

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3


sabato 29 settembre 2012

NOTW: "yellow roses"

Hello Polish Lovers,

finally I'm back with a new NOTW :)  for this weeks post, I want to show you another nail art that I created this summer!!

It's a really simple rose nail art, here it is:

for the base color I used a yellow nail polish from "miss sporty" and than with the help of nail art brushes I tried to create some roses!

and thats all for this weeks post! Hope you like it =)

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3

martedì 11 settembre 2012

NOTW: yet another TRIBAL nail art!

Hello Ladies,

I think that you already know that I'm completly in love with tribal/manis ;) and so for this week I have another one to show you!!!!

I created this mani almost two months ago on my summer holidays in Italy, here it is:

for the silver parts I used a holographic nail polish from Pupa, altough the holo effect isn't really visible!! hope you like it ;)
P.s: I know I repeat myself all the time, but I really want to thank all my lovley followers new&old once!!!
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mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

NOTW: colormix leopard

Hello Ladies,

how are you? For this week I want to show you a colorful leopard mani!
I created a similar mani with a zembra stamping last year "FUNKY ZEBRA" !!

To say the truth I wanted to create a "watercolor" mani, but It didn't turn out excatcly how I excpected! I'll have to try again ;)

so without spending more words on this mani, I show you the pictures:

and thats all for this week, hope you like it ;)

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3

giovedì 23 agosto 2012


Hi my dear Polish Lovers,

for this week I want to show you another " GEOMETRICAL" nail art, I think that togheter with "tribal & polka dots" this is one of my favourite designs when it comes to nail art ;)

for this nail art I used three different colours togheter: a pink and blue polish from primark, and "navigate her" a nice pistaccio colour from essie and on top of them I used my beloved black nail art pen from models own and a couple of rhinestones!


and this is all for this week ;) latley how I already told you, I'm a little bit lazy and short of time so I didn't create a lot of nail arts =( .....that means that I don't have a lot of NOTD to show you!!! but I'll try to fix that and I'll try to post at least one post per week ;)
hope you liked this nail art!!! let me know what you think, and let me also know which are your favourite designs when it comes to nail art!!!!

P.S: a big thank you to all my followers that reached the amazing nr of 80 <3 can't wait to organize my first giveaway ;)

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mercoledì 8 agosto 2012

NOTW: Chic Black& White

Helloooooo Polish Lovers,

how are you doing latley? I'm really sorry about the fact that I'm posting just once every two/three weeks, but I really don't have time to take care of my fav blogs and my blog, to say the truth I don't even have time to take care of my nails =( ( they are short and they keep breaking, I really don't know what to do!!!!! ANY SUGGESTIONS for weak and short nails??? some miracolous products that you tried and that could help me to have again long and strong nails????

Anyway today I'm here to show you a nail art that I created a couple of weeks ago on my holidays in Italy ;)

Here it is:

for this nail art I used some full nail water decals from "Viva la nails":

than I added also some Rhinestones:

and thats all for this weeks post, hope you liked it ;) let me know what you think, and let me know also what products you use to take care of your nails ( base coat, top caot, ecc. ) ok ok!!!!

Ps:Sorry If I just wrote in english ;)

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3

mercoledì 25 luglio 2012

NOTW: Butterflies

Hi Ladies!!!

rieccomi dopo un paio di settimane d'assenza/ and here I am after a few weeks of absence.

come vi avevo detto la scorsa volta, finalmente sono tornata in italia per le vacanze....mi è mancata tanto l'estate <3

how I told you the last time, finally I went back to Italy for my holidays...I really missed the summer <3

e allora eccovi una "nail art"  estiva/ and so here is a nice summer "nail art":

e per ultimo: una foto scattata in Croazia / and for last: a photo taken in Croatia ;)

come sempre fatemi sapere che ne pensate! Voi avete mai provato a creare una "Monarch Butterfly" nail art?

as always let me know what you think about it! And you? have you ever created a "Monarch Butterfly" nail art?

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3

venerdì 13 luglio 2012

NOTD: Blue & Golden simple nail art

Hy my dear Polish Lovers,

Questa manicure l' avevo creata durante il mese di dicembre, ma ve la mostro soltanto oggi!

I created this nail art during december, but I show it to you only today!

Si tratta di nuovo dei miei tanto amati Polka Dots , arrangiati questa volta in una disposizione diversa =p

Again its about my beloved Polka Dots <3 but  this time arranged in a different way =p

all'aperto / outdoor

Ho usato/ I used:

Vi piace questa nail art? magari l’abinamento colori non è il massimo, ma cmq il design è molto semplice e carino no?

Do you like this nail art? maybe the colour combination is not the best, but anyway the design is very simple and cute, isn’t it ?

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3

martedì 3 luglio 2012

NOTW: "fantasy mix&match"

Hiya Ladies,

come state? Io tutto bene, non vedo l'ora che arrivi settimana prossima, che finalmente ritorno in Italia per le vacanze <3 <3

How are you? I'm fine, I can't wait for next week to come, as I'm going back to Italy for my holidays <3 <3 

devo dire che l'estate mi sta mancando un casino, qua a Londra vado ancora in giro con il giubbotto di pelle aiutoooooooo!!!!

I have to say that I really miss the summer, here in London I still wear my leather jacket =(

Anyway oggi vi mostro un'altra MIX&MATCH manicure:

Anyway today I show you another MIX&MATCH manicure:

leopard, flowers, tiger, I don't know what to do, clouds


che ne pensate? a me piace molto, ho ricevuto anche un sacco di complimenti al lavoro e  addirittura sulla tube ahahahaa =)

what do you think? I really like it, I recieved a lot of compliments at work and even on the tube ahahahahah =)

Ps: thanks to all my new and old follwers =) 

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3 

mercoledì 27 giugno 2012

NOTW: "colorful rising halfmoon" mani

Hello Ladies,

dopo la mia prima "rising halfmoon" mani, oggi vi mostro il 2° tentativo:

after my first "rising halfmoon" mani, today I'll show you my 2th try:

Eccolo qua/ Here it is:

che ne pensate? what do you think?

a me l'abinamento colore mi piace da morire <3 / I really love this color combo <3

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Cupcake <3 < 3< 3

mercoledì 20 giugno 2012


Hello Ladies,

Oggi voglio mostrarvi velocemente la mia nail art "fiorita !today I want to show you quickly my "flower nail art"!

Eccola qua/ here it is:

come base ho utilizzato uno smalto blu elettrico della kiko e per i fiori rosa uno smalto della marca "angelica".
Per ottenere il bordo nero ho utlizzato una "nail art pen" nera! Ho abbellito il tutto con degli strass rosa!

as a base colour I used a electric blue polish from kiko and for the pink flowers a polish from "angelica".
For the black outline I used a black "nail art pen"! To give it a more nicer look I added also some pink rhinestones!

P.s: scusate per la qualità pessima delle immagini/ sorry for the really bad picture quality!!!

aspetto le vostre opinioni =) / I wait for your opinions =)

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Cupcake <3 <3 < 3

venerdì 15 giugno 2012

NOTW: in love with tribal nails!!

Ciao Ragazze/ Hi Ladies,

ultimamente sono super innamorata delle unghie tribali / latley I'm super in love with tribal nails!

e cosi eccovi un'altra nail art tribale / and so here is another tribal nail art:

per questa nail art ho usato/ for this nail art I used:

  • essie base coat "grow stronger"
  • essence colour&go: nr.86 "a lovley secret"
  • Pupa "holographic nail polish" nr.030
  • Models Own "Wah nails" nail art pen 
  • L.A. colors Top Coat "Rapid Dry"

colgo l'occasione me scusarmi se non sono molto attiva sui vostri blog, ma ultimamente non ho proprio tempo di connettermi =( 

 I want to say sorry If I'm not really active on your blogs, but I've been really busy latley =( 

Ps: aspetto le vostre opinioni =p/ I wait for you opinions =p
Un bacione 
Cupcake <3 < 3 <3