domenica 24 marzo 2013

NOTW:" Pearls & Roses"

Hello Ladies,
for this month I want to show u a really romantic nail art ;)
I love to create roses on my nails, although I still have to find the best way to make them look a little bit more realistic:

Since I opened my blog I posted a few flower- roses themed nail arts, here are the links to my old creations:

Yellow roses

and thats all for this month ;) 

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Cupcake <3 <3 < 3

martedì 12 febbraio 2013

NOTW: "Glitter&Studs"

Hello Ladies,
for this weeks post I have a simple and easy nail art to show you: Glitter tips & studs!
I finally ordered some nail art studs in silver and gold on ebay, it was ages that I wanted to have them, and now finally I've got some ;)
Its incredible how a simple stud can give the whole manicure a completly different look!

For this nail art I used a dark purple nail polish from "COLLECTION" - 60 seconds hot looks
nr.61 called "Twilight" ( I just noticed the name ahahahha, I'm a Twilight fan ;)
and for the tips I used some random glitter polish ;)

and thats all for this week, let me know what u think ;)
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Cupcake <3 <3 <3

giovedì 31 gennaio 2013

NOTW: "be bright"

Hy Polish lovers,

how are u doing? I know I'm a really bad blogger, I don't keep my blog updated as much as I would like! But I have a lot of ready nail art to show u I jus t need to create some scheduled posts! I'll try my best ;)

Anyway this is going to be my first post of "2013" ;)  And for my first post I want to show u a really bright and colorful mani!
You know that I really love "mix&match" manis and for this nail art I was inspired by bright colors and random designs:
For the middle finger, I used some colored pearls ( I ordered them on ebay for only 1 £ )
here is a close up:
I really like wearing bright, colorful and crazy designs on my nails :)
Let me know what u think about it ;)
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Cupcake <3 <3 <3