sabato 29 settembre 2012

NOTW: "yellow roses"

Hello Polish Lovers,

finally I'm back with a new NOTW :)  for this weeks post, I want to show you another nail art that I created this summer!!

It's a really simple rose nail art, here it is:

for the base color I used a yellow nail polish from "miss sporty" and than with the help of nail art brushes I tried to create some roses!

and thats all for this weeks post! Hope you like it =)

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3

martedì 11 settembre 2012

NOTW: yet another TRIBAL nail art!

Hello Ladies,

I think that you already know that I'm completly in love with tribal/manis ;) and so for this week I have another one to show you!!!!

I created this mani almost two months ago on my summer holidays in Italy, here it is:

for the silver parts I used a holographic nail polish from Pupa, altough the holo effect isn't really visible!! hope you like it ;)
P.s: I know I repeat myself all the time, but I really want to thank all my lovley followers new&old once!!!
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Cupcake <3 <3 <3

mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

NOTW: colormix leopard

Hello Ladies,

how are you? For this week I want to show you a colorful leopard mani!
I created a similar mani with a zembra stamping last year "FUNKY ZEBRA" !!

To say the truth I wanted to create a "watercolor" mani, but It didn't turn out excatcly how I excpected! I'll have to try again ;)

so without spending more words on this mani, I show you the pictures:

and thats all for this week, hope you like it ;)

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Cupcake <3 <3 <3