venerdì 30 novembre 2012

I'm Back: sugar "sponge" spun nail art!

Hello Polish Lovers,

hey girls! how are you doing? I'm really so sorry that I left the "blogging world" for such a long time, I think I hit my record by non posting for over two months!! to say the truth in the last months I didn't even take care of my  nails! I never had time to create a nice nail art, infact I mainly wore  simple nail polish without any trace of nail art, which is really wired for me ;)
But anyway I'll stop talking and I'll show you what I created this week: Sugar "Sponge" spun nail art!

Here it is:


I always wanted to try this technique, and so finally I gave it a try! On a white base I sponged my nails with different colors: pink, green, orange, blu and a purple and than by following this tutorial I tried to create black "sugar spun"! Unfortunatly it was not that easy as it looked, I had some problems with letting the polish dry to the right consistence to create the " sugar spun"! but anyway I'm happy with the result ;)
I also changed my phone, so the pictures are really bad, I still have to figure out how to take nice pictures!

This week I also created a simple black and beige nail art for my friend ;) It's still hard for me to create nail arts on others, but I wanna Improve! here it is:


sayed all this, I'm happy to be back! I already have a lot of ideas for some new nail arts, I just have to find  time to create them ;)

I hope you liked this post, let me know your opinions about this "sugar spun" technique! Have you ever tried it?

Un bacione
Cupcake <3 <3 <3


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